Tooth Extractions

A tooth may require an extraction when it is severely infected and there is no other viable option available to treat the disease. Sometimes, a seriously infected tooth makes your oral condition susceptible to immense pain and discomfort. When a tooth has incurred irrecoverable damage, extraction may be required to control infection. If the infection is left to develop, it may eventually risk the health of neighboring teeth and gums and gradually cause teeth to fall out.

Extraction of impacted third molar (wisdom teeth) may become essential when their growth is abnormal. For example, when wisdom teeth emerge into a mouth sideways instead of erupting straight up. Sometimes, teeth may be removed to allow for the installation of dentures and braces or to prevent misalignment of teeth. At Dr. Lourdes Maqueira & Associates we accomplish the procedure ensuring proper safety measures and your utmost comfort, which includes the administration of sedatives, to relax your anxiety.

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