Dental bridges

Bridges are most commonly used in restorative treatments for bridging gaps between teeth, caused by broken or lost teeth. Performing daily tasks such as eating, smiling and talking can be made difficult due to missing teeth. Dr. Lourdes Maqueira can, in as little as one or two visits, restore the pleasant smile on your face. When you have one or more missing teeth, adjacent teeth can drift over the gap, resulting in a misaligned bite.

If the strength of the neighbouring teeth, surrounding the gap, is sound, the bridge is placed over them in order to create a steady foundation. Without proper support, teeth can lose their strength and their alignment. The bridge is a semi-permanent, artificial tooth that can adapt to the natural color of your teeth, to ensure that your smile has an organic appearance. Once affixed, bridges provide an utmost level of comfort and allows patients to chew or bite without causing pain to your gums and teeth. You can achieve improved results with appropriate visits to our dental care and by following an adequate oral hygiene regimen prescribed by our dentist.

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